How to Use Caddx Test Functions


GE InterlogiX Caddx Security alarm panels have many builtin test functions to test and troubleshot different components. Most of tests runs without entering programming mode. Consequently this prevents harmful changes in your Caddx alarm panel that might occur by accident.

Caddx Panel Test Function (44)

Caddx Test Functions makes a battery test, communication test and a siren test (both internal and external sirens will be tested). To clarify, this is a “offline” test and no alarm signals will be sent to alarm center.

To activate test enter:

*44 // To activate test function
#   // To terminate test function
    // To terminate siren test, entering your user code is needed.

Notice that, siren test might be very noisy. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make that test in off-hours!

Display Test Function (45)

Caddx display test function will test all pixels on the display and LED indicators which will flash during the test. During test time no alarms will be sent.

To activate test enter:

*45  // To activate display test
#    // to terminate display test

Caddx Panel Walk Test Function

Caddx Walk (Chime) test function is used to test zones just by walking through zones (alarm system must be disarmed to use this test). In order to use this function do the following:

Enter *CHIME
Enter Your_pass_code

This will enable Walk (chime) test. When you walk through zones, zone numbers will displayed on the keypad and CHIME will beep on keypad. In order to terminate test:

 Enter Your_pass_code 

Notice that, Walk (Chime) test is different than Caddx Chime Function, which is described here.

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