How to Use Caddx Chime Function


GE InterlogiX Caddx NX8/NX8E alarm security system have a built-in DOOR CHIME function. When you activate this function, your keypad single beep when a door/window MC opens or PIR motion detectors detects a movement, even if your alarm system is disarmed. Chime function informs users when an activity has occurred in predefined zones.

Where Can I Use Caddx Alarm Chime Function?

This function is especially useful in small hotels, restaurants and stores. When a new customer comes in, your door Magnetic Contact (MC) or PIR motion sensor detects your customers and your security system keypad informs you about your new customer by beeping (ding-dong).

GE Caddx Keypad beep when Caddx Chime Function enabled

You can program your Interlogix Caddx panel by Security Keypad. Beside programming, Keypad informs you about what’s going on in your Security Area.

How do I activate Chime Function in Caddx Alarm?

In order to activate Chime function, go to your Caddx Keypad and press:


If you want to deactivate door chime function, go to your Security Alarm Keypad and press again:


Some Caddx Keypads have a builtin CHIME Function key on it. If this key is available, you can activate Chime Function by pressing Chime key when your Caddx Alarm System is disarmed. (You can not activate chime function when your alarm system is active). In order to deactivate Chime function, re-press Chime key. Each time you press Chime key, you will toggle Chime feature to ON/OFF which is following a ding-dong sound.

If your Caddx keypad has a CHIME led, this led is also flash when something detected.

Notice that, Caddx Chime Function is different than Caddx Walk (Chime) test, which is described here.

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