How to Reset Caddx Fire/Smoke Alarms


If your Caddx alarm panel keypad beeping and having Fire/Smoke alarms that might be due to a fake alarm (meaning a fire alarm occurred but not present now) or worse there might be a real fire! For this reason move around and search for fire! If you find a real fire, call immediately Fire Department. If there is no real fire, follow the steps to reset Caddx fire alarms.

Reset Caddx Fire Alarms

  1. (optional) Press UP key in your alarm keypad. This shows “open/busy” zone numbers in your alarm panel. Open your zone list and find “open/busy” zones there. It’s a good idea to double-check that ” open/busy” zones manually.
  2. If you are sure that there is really no Fire, you may reset SMOKE zones now. In order to do that enter *7 at caddx keypad. This will reset fire alarm in ALL of SMOKE detectors and your alarm will be cleared.
  3. Now re-press UP key in your alarm keypad. You should not see any “open/busy” SMOKE zones. (Maybe you may see open PIR detector zones, in which you or other people detected)

When you press *7 to reset SMOKE detectors, Caddx panel “cuts” DC voltage at SMOKE+ port. For this reason you don’t need to repeat this in all of partitions. One reset from any partitions is enough.

Notice that this only works if your Fire/SMOKE detectors getting 12V DC voltage from SMOKE+ port. If they get (+12V) voltage from AUX+ port, even if you press *7, nothing changes. In this case call for support service for maintenance.

Another reason of not clearing caddx fire alarms with *7 might be a wire problem or 3.3K-ohms resistance problem. All zones in Caddx panel look for ” 3.3K-ohms ” resistance. If that resistance not “found” (by any means, including wire problem, bad 3.3K-ohms resistance) you can not clear that zone alarm. Only thing you can do is BYPASS that zone temporarily and call service for wire/resistance problem.

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