How to Replace Caddx Alarm Battery


Most of the alarm systems (like GE InterlogiX Caddx NX8 security system) operate in 12 Volt DC. Usually Caddx alarm systems have 16 Volt AC input and convert it to 12 Volt DC to operate and feed components (like smoke and PIR detectors). Beside 16 Volt AC input, Caddx alarm systems have 12 Volt DC battery for power outage. Battery life of a regular alarm system is around 2-3 years which depends on quality of your battery. You must replace Caddx alarm battery when it reaches end of life. Otherwise, your alarm system will not operate in power outage.


Although GE Interlogix Caddx NX8 security system panel battery change is described here, you can apply same procedure to almost all kind of security alarm battery replacement.

Caddx Alarm Low Battery

When your battery getting “dead”, it gives you some signs! Here are some common signs;

  • Your keypad’s “power” led blinks
  • Caddx Alarm beeping randomly (keypad)
  • When you press “*2”, you see “Low Battery” message
  • Sometimes, you may get false alarms
  • When disarmed, your keypad continue beeping, until you re-enter your code

If your caddx alarm beeping frequently, that might be most obvious sign of dead battery. In addition, If you are having some of above signs, your battery might be dead or near dead. Easiest way to understand if your battery is dead, disconnect AC power from alarm panel, if you can. If your battery functioning well, your alarm system must continue to run at least half hour. If your Caddx NX8 alarm system stops running, your battery is dead and must be replaced.

What Kind of Battery am I Using?

Before replacing your battery, you must know specs of your battery. They can be found in your alarm system user manual. If you don’t have a Caddx user manual, no problem. Open your Caddx alarm panel by a screwdriver. You will see your old battery and write down volt and AH values on it (like 12-volts, 7AH).

Yuasa NP7-12 12V/7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F1 Terminal - Compatible with NX8 and NX8E

Before changing your existing Battery, write down Voltage and AH values.

When you learn specs of your battery, it’s time to buy a new battery! If you have local store selling that kind of battery, go and find new one. If no store near you or you want to buy a cheaper battery, search for online stores. Online stores, usually, sells affordable batteries compared to local stores. Panasonic and Yuasa Genesis batteries are good ones.

Will I Lost my Alarm Settings after Battery Replacement?

NO. Your Caddx Alarm panel (and most of the other Security Alarm Systems) store alarm settings at the EPROM *not* in the RAM. For this reason even if your security system voltage is gone completely (battery+AC Power) your settings will not be lost.

Security Alarm Battery Replacement

When you get new battery, it’s time to replace. First of all you must disconnect AC power. If you see the power cord coming from your alarm system and going to wall outlet, disconnect it. If you don’t see any power cord or can’t access wall outlet, no problem! AC power input is near the top of NX-8 and NX-8E panels which are labeled as AC. Disconnect one of AC cables by a screwdriver . This will cut your panels power and you can work much safer.

Be careful about not to touch disconnected cable and connected one with each other

There are 2 cables connected to your battery. One cable colored Red (+), the other is Black (-). Similarly that colored cables connected to same colored ports on the battery.

Now, remove both Red and Black cable connectors from battery ports and remove your old battery. After that, replace your new battery in Caddx alarm system.

Next step is connecting Red and Black cable connectors to battery. You must connect Red Cable connector to Red battery port and Black Cable connector to Black battery port.

This is extremely important. If you accidentally mix it, your panel battery fuse will be damaged and must be replaced by a technical stuff. For this reason be careful!

How to Test Alarm Battery

After connecting connectors to battery, you must re-connect AC power cable to AC input port, which are removed at the beginning. When AC power is connected, your alarm system restarts to operate. Now, your Caddx alarm stops beeping. Your new battery may need 24-hours to fully charge and not seeing “low battery” messages. Next day you can test your battery by removing AC cable and see how long your battery lasts. It must be at least 2 hours.

Don’t forget to give your old battery to a recycling facility. Don’t waste or dump it any more!

As noticed in “How to Increase Caddx Panel Voltage?” article, if you have many (+40) connected components (PIR,SMOKE detectors etc.) you may see caddx alarm low battery messages, even if you changed your battery in last a few months. If this is the case, you must increase your Caddx Panel Voltage.

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