How to Increase Caddx Panel Voltage


Regular GE (Interlogix Networx) Caddx NX-8E Security Alarm system voltage is around 12V DC. This voltage feeds AUX+ and SMOKE+ components beside BATTERIES. For most regular configurations this voltage is enough. But as the number of connected components increased, stability of the caddx alarm systems begin to decrease and backup batteries can’t be charged fully. Hence, you can see “Low battery” Alarm message in Caddx keypad (*2). Even if you change the battery with the new one, after a few month, you get the same Low Battery error message.

Increase Caddx Security Panel Voltage

In order to increase overall Networx Caddx NX-8E panel voltage, you can enter the following commands at Caddx keypad




-> in Segment-1, enter 53*

->in Segment-2, enter 205*

->in Segment-3, enter 225*

As a result of this set of commands you should get around 14.5V DC voltage from AUX+ and SMOKE+ ports of GE (Interlogix Networx) Caddx security alarm panel. If you have a multimeter, you can measure panel voltage from SMOKE+ (or AUX+) ports and COM (-) ports.

Even if you increased panel voltage, you may see “Low Battery” messages, up to 2 days. After 2 days, that message disappear, if no other problem exist.

Notice that this procedure is tested at GE InterlogiX NetworX Caddx NX-8E security alarm systems, not NX8 panels ( although it might work! )

Warning! You may do that procedure if you have instability issues or having “battery low” errors, despite you have changed your security panel battery recently. Otherwise, don’t change your panel voltage.

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