How to Change Caddx Alarm Installer Code

    Caddx Keypad needed to change Programming  Code

    Every InterlogiX NetworX Caddx Alarm system comes with a Master Installer Code (Programming Code). Every type of adjustments and programming (Like creating partitions, define users, assign zone values etc.) can be done if you know this code. For this reason, security of Programming (Installer) Code is extremely important.

    What is Default Caddx Programming Code?

    Factory Default Installer Code is 9713 and this code must be changed immediately. Because, if someone or burglar wants to hack your alarm system first thing he will try is to enter this code! If he succeed, rest is very easy! For this reason you must change Programming Code with an uncommon and difficult code.

    How to Change Installer Code?

    If you are using Caddx NX-8E alarm panel, follow the instructions below. If you are using Caddx NX-8 alarm panel, you must disarm all the partitions in order to enter Programming mode.

    Go to any keypad and enter following code

    * + 8 + 9 + 7 + 1 + 3 // *89713
    0 + # // 0#
    4 + 2 # // 42#
            // At this stage you will see "Loc # 42 Segment #1"
            // You must enter your new installer code
            // To do that Enter a digit followed by a "*"
            // When you press "*" Segment number will be increased.
            // An example code might be like this:
            // 4*1*5*2*
            // You may leave last 2 segments blank. Just enter "**"
    #       // In order to terminate programming mode, just press "#"

    After that you have changed your Master Programming Code. Your Caddx Alarm System is much more secure now.

    Cadxx Alarm Duress Code

    Duress Code is described in Wikipedia as:

    duress code is a covert distress signal used by an individual who is being coerced by one or more hostile persons. It is used to warn others that they are being forced to do something against their will. Typically, the warning is given via some innocuous signal embedded in normal communication, such as a code-word or phrase spoken during conversation to alert other personnel.

    In short, Duress Code is a special message sent to Central monitoring service saying that you are forced to arm or disarm you alarm system. Notice that, you will bypass your real pass code by entering duress code.

    InterlogiX Caddx alarm system’s default Duress code is “1234”! Of course, you can change it.

    How to Change Caddx Alarm Duress Code

    *8-YOUR_PROGRAMMING_CODE // Eg: *85289
    x*x*x*x*#  // Your New Duress Code. Eg: 2*4*6*8*#
               // This will change your Duress Code to: 2468

    After that you have changed your Duress Code. Consequently, inform your Central Monitoring Service and test it by entering new Duress Code to arm/disarm your Caddx Alarm System.

    Notice that if you enter your duress code accidentally, immediately call your Central Monitoring Service to inform them. Otherwise, they may call police service for you!

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