How to Arm, Disarm and Bypass Caddx Alarm


    Most basic things with your Caddx Alarm System is to arm and disarm your alarm system. Although you may arm and disarm your alarm with wireless (keyfob) remote, Caddx Keypad is mostly used.

    How to Arm Caddx Alarm System

    Meaning of “Arming” an alarm system is to prepare and start to operate. When an alarm system is armed, it starts to detect and protect your home or office. Usually Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensors and Magnetic Contacts (MC) are start to operate.

    Before arming your security alarm system, be sure that all of your doors and windows are closed and no one is moving around your home or office. Otherwise your security system will not be ready for arming. When all of the windows and doors are closed “READY” light will be ON in your Caddx keypad. In some keypads there is not a Ready light, instead they have a LED display. In this case you will see “System Ready / Type code to arm”. If you see a message like “System not Ready / For help, …” OR if your keypad’s READY light is not illuminated, at least one of your “zones” are not ready (not secured). If you have LED display keypad, you can see which zones are open (not ready) just by pressing UP or DOWN keys. In this case you must check your zones manually.

    Reason of open zones might be open Fire / Smoke zones. If one of your fire detectors are activated before, this prevents you from arming your caddx alarm system. Fortunately, resetting fire detectors is easy. Just press *7 at keypad. This command cuts current in all of fire detectors and makes them READY.

    Arm When Ready

    When your alarm system is READY, you can arm your alarm system by entering your master code or by a user code. Each time you press a key to keypad, you will hear a beep tone. As a result, this indicates that you successfully pressed and it is understood by the alarm panel. When you finished pressing your code, if you hear three consequent beeping tone, this indicates that code is not accepted or wrong. press # key and re-enter your code.

    When your code is accepted, keypad beeps continuously with small gap tone. Meanwhile, you must exit from your home or office. Exit time is programmable. When your system gets ready, red “ARMED” light is illuminated. This shows that your system is armed and operating.

    How to Change Caddx Entry and Exit Delay Time

    You can change entry and exit delay times for Cadxx Alarm panels easily. In short, Location number for defining delays is #24.

    Here is the entry and exit delay time programme code:

    * + 8 + YOUR_PROGRAM_CODE  // eg. *89713 
    30*  // Entry Time-1 , in seconds
    45*  // Exit Time-1 , in seconds
    30*  // Entry Time-2 , in seconds
    45*  // Exit Time-2 , in seconds
    *   // This segment is not important, just press "*"
    *   // This segment is not important, just press "*" 
    #   // End programme

    How to Bypass a Zone in Caddx Alarm System

    In order to arm (start to operate) a Caddx Alarm System, you must close all of the doors, windows. In addition, all of the PIR’s, smoke detectors, fluid detectors, magnetic contacts MUST be closed. If any of the zones are open, you can no arm your alarm system.

    If you meet such an open zone, firstly, you must search for that zone and close that zone. Simply, the reason might be a open door. But sometimes reason might be a faulty detector! In that case, you must repair or replace that faulty detector, if you have a replacement. If not, only thing you can do is BYPASS that zone. By BYPASSing a zone, you are simply ignoring that zone. By that way, you can arm your Caddx Alarm System temporarily.

    How to Bypass a Zone in Non-LED Keypads

    Step 1 - Press [BYPASS] Key in the Keypad
    Step 2 - Enter Zone number. Example 1: Press [7] to bypass Zone #7
                                Example 2: Press  [1] then [6] to bypass Zone #16
    Step 3 - Press  [BYPASS] Again.
    Step 4 - Repeat above steps for all zones you want to bypass.
    Step 5 - Press  [BYPASS] key or [#] key to exit Bypass Mode.

    How to Bypass a Zone in LED Keypads

    Step 1- Press UP key at Right side of LED display. This will show open zones, as you press UP key.
    Step 2- To Bypass that zone, press BYPASS key ("a man outside of house" key, Left-Top most key)
    Step 3- Repeat Step 1 & Step 2 for all zones you want to bypass.

    When you finished your bypasses, you can ARM your Caddx Security Alarm. Notice that, bypassed zones are not armed.

    When you DISARM your system, all of the zones will be unbypassed automatically.

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