How to Add New Partition in Caddx Alarm System


In small security alarm systems usually there are a few detectors and all of them works together in the same area. This area is called “partition” in Caddx naming. For example you can put all sensors (like MC, PIR, Smoke etc.) to same partition of your home. When you arm this Security System all sensors are ready to operate and secure all of your home.

What if you want to work in your garage while your home partition is armed? Surely you can’t. Or reverse, there might be some “more valuable” areas in your home/work, like garage, stores or floors that must be armed even if your home/work partition is not armed (since you are using other areas, you can not arm all of your alarm system)

Solution is creating a second partition. NX8/NX8E panels supports for up to 8 partitions concurrently. This means, you can create up to 8 different partitions (areas) and manage them individually. Notice that you are making this partitions in one InterlogiX Caddx NX8/NX8E security panel and all of partitions behave like a virtual separate alarm systems! Partitioning saves your money, because you use only one panel for many different areas, instead individual alarm systems.

In order to arm/disarm partitions, you must add at least one Caddx Keypad for each partition (you can add more than one keypad to a partition). Depending on your usage scenarios, keypads can be near to your partition (eg. before the door of store) or just near to your master keypad.

Time to Add New Partition in Caddx

Before making a partition, you must plan what you want. For example, assuming you have a work area and store area and all of them are running in same partition. Also you want to divide work and store areas and manage them individually (assuming you added a second keypad physically).

First write down your zone numbers and where they are used, like:

Zone #1 - Work area Door MC
Zone #2 - Store area Door MC
Zone #3 - Work area PIR Sensor
Zone #4 - Work area SMOKE Detector
Zone #5 - Store area PIR-1 Sensor
Zone #6 - Store area PIR-2 Sensor
Zone #7 - Store area SMOKE Detector

Easily you can see which Zones (Detectors) belongs to which Partition.

Partition #1 : Zones #1 #3 #4
Partition #2 : Zones #2 #5 #6 #7

Lets Program it!

Go to your Caddx Keypad and do it:

0#   //Entering NX-8/NX-8E main module
26#  //This shows partition numbers of 1-8 zones.(segments)
     //Notice: You may go one segment to next one by pressing "*" 
     //By default all zones are in partition #1. For detectors, whose 
     //partition numbers will not change (Zones #1 #3 #4) leave at "1".
     //Change Zones #2 #5 #6 #7 from "1" to "2" by pressing first to "1"
     //which clear "1" and then pressing "2" which sets partition# "2"
     //That's all! Press twice to "EXIT" to leave programming.

Add New Caddx Keypad

You have completed your programming. Last thing you must do is to associate (add) your new Caddx keypad to new partition (#2). Go to your new Caddx Keypad and enter:

2* // This is the new partition number

Now test your new partition by arming/disarming from your new keypad.

Notice: You can not associate (add) a new keypad, if any partition is armed. To add new keypad, first disarm all partitions.

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